This site is hand built in Canada by Carl Hoyer using ...

Middleman, the ruby based static site generator that performs all the grunt work, made by Thomas Reynolds and numerous other contributors. It's a recently discovered, by me, breath of fresh air in the world of static site generators, many of which I find unwieldy and foreign.

Many of the animal, creature and natural phenomenen illustrations scattered throughout this site are by German biologist, Ernst Haeckel, from his 1899 book Khunstformen der Natur. Ganz viel und dank to Kurt Stüber for providing a medium resolution pdf via the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research.

Typography layout is made possible by Typeplate using a Perfect Forth type scale generated by That's probably way more information than you want to know, but hey, I'm a geek and it's the details that interest me, so maybe you are too?

The icons used throughout are a blend of Entypo by Daniel Bruce and MFG Labs iconset bundled together using fontello.

This site is hosted on Amazon S3 using CloudFront. The source code of this site is available on GitHub.

Haeckel Diplozoon