Web Expeditions - Edition 2013.14

Weekly round-up of the top sites that have had a profound effect of how I view the web and sometimes the world.

Google Chrome Switching to Blink Rendering Engine

The big news within the web developer community is the Google switch from WebKit to their own rendering engine named Blink, which at this point is simply a fork of WebKit, in Chrome.

Google's main reasons for doing this are Chromes use of a multi-process architecture that differs from the other WebKit-based browsers and providing a clean slate to explore performance improvements specific to Chrome and the V8 JavaScript engine.

The big fear amongst web developers is whether this will fragment cross-browser compatibility and standards. Google has addressed some of these fears through a developer FAQ page that includes a video Q&A. Only time will tell what impact this truly has.

Alex Griendling: Designing the Google Treasure Map

I love treasure maps. I think it's a result of watching The Goonies as a kid.

On April 1, Google revealed Captain William Kidd's treasure map with clues and secrets to a long lost treasure that you can help uncover.

On the serious side of things, Alex Griendling shows the process that went into designing these maps.

Define :: Responisve

A visual explanation of what Responsive Web Design is from the folks at Fine Citizens.

Kris Holm Unicycles External Disc Brake (EDB) Standard

Kris Holm Unicycles has released a page, with the assistance of yours truly, describing why Kris chose to affix the disc rotor to the crank rather than the hub.


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